What is an API? Could it merit protection under IP Laws?

The full form of API is application programming interface, which you probably knew and it does not help further in this case.

Now this term API has a wide-range of meaning when two software developers come to a conversation. It could mean the URL of a website, it could mean access to a server, it could be the login parameters of a database, and it could also simply mean a method in which two different entities exchange information.

As a developer if I had to get a source of international exchange rates for an app I would search “exchange rate API” on Google. Similarly for cat pictures, I would search “cat pic API”.

However, if I had to also find out the position of the cursor for a desktop app that I was developing, I would also search “desktop cursor API”.

Although generically used today, the original intention was to use the term only for software applications within one computer.

We will look into the different aspects of API through examples, and not technical language, so that you can decide if they merit protection under IP laws.

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