About Us

In my discussions with established technology lawyers, I have seldom found knowledge of the basics–the intricate mechanism and algorithms behind the working of the computer and the internet.

The intricacies of most cyber law cases today have their roots in technology and not in law. It is of utmost importance to understand the mathematical and technological background behind every aspect of computers and the internet. While lawyers are adept and armed with legal acumen, it has become much important than ever to get equipped with technological aptitude.

With an experience of over six years in technology and in cyber security, I have helped clients detect issues and resolve them ahead of time. My training in law at Gujarat National Law University also provides me with the much needed legal acumen to understand the legalities concerning technological issues. Both my experiences in technology and law gives me an advantage to write on technology law.

With the belief that only a clarity of the nuances involved in technological law can bring about proper justice, I am endeavouring to deliver short and focused articles on computer jargons with their relevant legal aspects. I have also invited people who are equally knowledgeable and skilled to write along with me in order to disseminate information freely and for the common good.